Violation payments can be paid online, mailed to the Parking Authority, or paid in person at the Parking Authority Office located on the main level of the Patriot Garage, 21 Delay Street, Danbury.  To pay when the office is closed, a payment box is conveniently located inside the garage entrance.
Payments must be made within 7 days of issuance or late penalties will be applied.

Violations Appeal Process 

If you feel you were issued a ticket in error, an appeal must be made within 5 days of the ticket issue date.  A hold will be placed on your violation so that additional penalties are not applied. The City of Danbury Hearing Officer will contact you with the date and time of your hearing. The Hearing Officer will make a determination on your appeal. Failure to appear at your scheduled hearing will result in the hold being released and all fines and penalties will apply.

Meter Malfunctions

We work hard in maintaining our meter. If you have received a ticket and feel that the meter was malfunctioning, you must complete a meter check form within 5 days. The maintenance department will check the meter within 24 hours.  You will be notified by mail of the outcome.
If you did not receive a ticket but want to notify us of a malfunctioning meter, please fill out the form.





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