Surface Lots

Lot 13 located on the south side of Liberty Street.
Lot 9 located at west and Division Street.
Lot 8 located at the north side of Liberty Street.

Enforcement Hours

8am – 8pm Monday through Saturday.

Sundays and holidays are free.

Meter Rate $0.25 / 10 mins
Daily Permit $12.00 (Permits are sold at Patriot Garage on 21 Delay St. Danbury, CT 06810)
Monthly Permit $55.00 / Month*

Rate include CT sales tax

Please check for availability at PDA office as most lots are sold to capacity.



Can I park overnight?

Yes you can. Just be sure to purchase  your permit for the appropriate number of days.

Are the monthly permits prorated from date of purchase?

No. Billing is on calendar month basis

When are payments due?

Payments are due on the first of the month for which you are parking. 

How do I close my account?

You must contact the office to have your account closed

I am unable to make it to your office during the hours of operation.

We realize that some people cannot make it during office hours. We will do our best to accommodate you via emails and phone calls.

Lot 8

Lot 13

Lot 9





21 Delay St. Danbury, 06810

P (203) 748-6423
F (203) 748-0721

Office Hours: M-F 8AM-4PM
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