On Street Meter Parking

  • Main, West, White, Keeler, Elm, Crosby, Bank, Boughton, State and Ives Streets.
  • Railroad, Kennedy and Deer Hill Avenues, Lee Hartell Drive and Terrace Place.
  • Moss and Fifth Avenues – 10 hour limit.
  • Delay Street – 15 minute limit.
Enforcement Hours

9am – 5:30pm Monday through Saturday.

Sunday and bank holidays are free.

Meter Rate $0.25 / 10 mins

Rates include CT sales tax


Can I reserve a meter?

Meters can be reserved under certain circumstances at a rate of $9.00 per day.
Please contact the office to discuss your specific needs.

What if I don't have a quarter for the meter?

Not a problem! Download the Parkmobile app on your smartphone or purchase a prepaid ParkSmart card from our office that can be used at specially marked meters. Contact office for information.
You can also park in either one of our garages for the same hourly rate as the meter.

How do I park correctly at meters?

First make sure you are parked within the meter space. Envision a line extending out from each meter into the street. There is twenty feet of space between each meter. This is the space within which is to park. A safe rule is to keep the meter roughly two to three feet in front of the front bumper. Also be sure to feed the correct meter. 





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